Pandemic Diary: Is 2023 The End of It All?

PANDEMIC is over in Indonesia. But for real?

As far as I know, the policy of social and mobility restriction has been over since…. a long time ago.

I mean, we can already enjoy trips to anywhere across the archipelago for quite some time whil China and some other countries are still combatting the new variants of Covid-19.

For those who are in favor of economic growth (and that means a lot of Indonesians), restriction of mobility means killing them slowly. And that’s even faster, especially after the recession news is blown full steam.

Days ago, Prof. Zubairi, a prominent physician cum a highly popular Instagram influencer, announced on his feed that he is in favor of the end of the restriction.

However, he underlines some points that there are still neighboring countries like China that are struggling to combat the new variant.

Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s president, is on the news today. He stated that tomorrow it will be announced whether or not Indonesian government will continue the notorious PPKM, which in fact has been ineffectual and not been put into practice by most Indonesians, I dare to say. LOL.

The policy may be rigidly implemented in public facilities such as public transportation and government-owned facilities but other than that, we are totally free of masks and can move pretty much freely without physical distancing.

People are now used to interacting without masks once again. We go anywhere without masks and no one will frown their eyebrows. The pandemic is unofficially over for most Indonesians. Mostly because we’ve been too tired and too stressed out financially.

I’ve heard of complaints from youngsters especially those who recently graduated (or graduated from university in the last few years) on Twitter how hard it has become for Generation Z to land a decent-paying job. Even low-paid internships are now highly desired. They need internships to just stay optimistic and afloat in spirit and personal finance.

Freelancing is still not prestigious as it was but if it pays the bills then they’ll do it anyway. Really, being unemployed is the worst feeling ever. You feel useless when in fact you’re so young and actually useful enough to make money for the nation. (*/)

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