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To Be a Good Entrepreneurship Reporter, Don’t Be an Entrepreneur

So here’s the rule of thumb for entrepreneurship and business reporters out there: Don’t be the person you want to interview and write about. In other words, don’t be an entrepreneur or business person. This piece of advice sounds a … Continue reading

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Moving to Akhlis.net

It’s Friday and nothing feels better than a lazy mood of weekend (though now I don’t feel the difference of weekdays and weekends so much). I don’t know if you notice but I’m now moving my blog to another new … Continue reading

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2014, The Most Unbelievably Stunning Year… Bloggingwise

WordPress recently sent me a blogging performance summary in 2014. It reads: “To kick off the new year, we’d like to share with you data on your blog’s activity in 2014. Start scrolling! Crunchy numbers The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million … Continue reading

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Why Entrepreneurs Are Like Poker Players

Jason Calacanis likes poker. Playing poker makes your heart race, as you must make the best decision with so limited information. The same challenge you’ll also find in entrepreneurship. Indonesian entrepreneurs in some way are like this. They’re clueless on … Continue reading

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Building a Blog as a Business

‎If you were not like most blog readers, you’d find comments below a post a lot more engaging than content of it. It’s not because content in discussion is boring or a cliche, but more because it manages to spark … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Must Be a Blogger

Not everyone should be a blogger, says WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. Simply because not everyone has the passion to share things online. “Not everyone’s a creator,”claims he. But maybe everyone’s a creator, Matt. But not everyone has the passion of … Continue reading

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Jurnalisme Emosional

‎Era media baru yang ditandai dengan inovasi-inovasi teknologi yang memudahkan siapa saja membuat publikasi mereka sendiri (via blog, self publishing, dll) membuat norma-norma jurnalisme konvensional mau tidak mau, cepat atau lambat harus bergeser. Terjadi friksi, tumpang tindih, perselisihan di antara … Continue reading

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Live Blogging for Dummies

Live blogging could be distraction to some. Take Steve Jobs as an example. He once made all of the journalists in the room covering the launch of the product ‎put their laptops down, and even better, switch them off. Poor … Continue reading

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On Creating Viral Content (Hint:Quantity Sucks)

The web has become a place overflowing with crappy content. Crappy content? What is that in the first place? As a content writer, ‎I have seen too much crappy content published and consumed on the web. This is that particular … Continue reading

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Writers’ Moral Responsibility

‎”The first job of a writer is to be HONEST.”- Irvine Welsh I typed the word “honest” in capital letters as I cannot tell you how much I find this quote inspiring to me. ‎This quote at its best teaches … Continue reading

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Write and Read, Read and Write

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” I read it somewhere. As inspiring as it seems, I decided to blog about it.

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10 Poin Penting dalam Membuat Blog yang Digemari

Blog saat ini makin diakui sebagai salah satu sarana membangun percakapan yang jujur antara seorang figur/ perusahaan/ organisasi dengan khalayak ramai yang menjadi konsumen atau audiensnya. Membuat blog memang kelihatannya mudah. Cukup beli domain, hosting dan tugaskan sebuah tim narablog … Continue reading

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