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“Masih kalah ama Cirebon kan? Cirebn kan sudah diprediksi tidak ada kompetitor, tidak ada head to head. Ga ada siapapun. Yang ada hanya yang jualan kapling itu sudah habis. GB itu sudah tidak ada yang percaya ke dia.” “GB itu … Continue reading

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Steven Kim on Qraved and His Craving for Entrepreneurial Challenges

Korean Wave is now in the culinary industry as well. Steven Kim is the CEO and co-founder at Qraved, Managing Partner at Imaginato who happened to be on stage at Global Entrepreneurship Week Summit Indonesia yesterday (21/11). Here’s the excerpt … Continue reading

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In the Era of Self-Appointed CEOs

Being a CEO or leader has never been this easy like now. You can easily claim you’re a successful person as you wish, merely because you claim yourself to be so on the social media, whether it be your LinkedIn … Continue reading

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A Feast of Translators’ Souls at Erasmus Huis Jakarta (Photo Albums)

I was having a great time at Erasmus Huis #Jakarta , attending a celebration for translators of literary works. On stage the translators and the author of the translated work collaborated to read the original text and translation result as well as … Continue reading

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9 Diseases (and Many More) that Drinking Water Can Prevent

 I still remember this morning seeing one of my old friends ranting on Facebook about her migrain-ridden head. She slept in a decent amount of hours the night before. Still she was not feeling any better. So what was wrong … Continue reading

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What It Means To Be a Real Entrepreneur

  I actually spotted this article in a local publication generally available in the taxi network in  Jakarta. Very tickling, I must say. “Entrepreneur”, “entrepreneurship”, ah you’ll never know how many times I’ve typed these two words on my keyboards … Continue reading

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Angel Investing in Indonesia: Could It Be The Answer?

Metaphorically saying, Indonesia is, let’s say, a remote jungle. It is wild, exotic in some way. No established housing is built, too many lice and mosquitoes are around yet some mavericks are still coming and coming. Indonesia, unlike the US, … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction to Food Combining (1)

Claudia Jones in Namaskar (April 2011 issue) extolled the significance of food combining to our digestive health. So she said this method may help us reduce gas and abdominal bloating after eating, fast eliminate and balance body weight (ok, I … Continue reading

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Social Media Frequency for Personal Branding a la Catur PW

Great slides to share!

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Indonesia Technopreneur Community: Bridging is the Key

Indonesia keeps great deal of potential. Great ideas are scattered just everywhere. Smart brilliant youths are not difficult to find. Not to mention the overly hyped natural resources potential. But one thing holds the nation back. We (excuse my diction, … Continue reading

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Back to the Cradle

Being four months grinding the routine endlessly and getting burned out in and out, I decide to take a leave. Not that long leave but still it’s much better than nothing, really. My well being is a bit shaky lately. … Continue reading

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Sarah Lacy on the Emerging World (a.k.a. Indonesia) -part2

Previously on my last post, we read how Lacy compared Martha Tilaar to Oprah Winfrey. It tickles me a bit to spot this line: […] Heavily perfumed and air-conditioned, it’s an estrogen oasis in this hot, humid country. […] (BCC, … Continue reading

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