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When a Yogi Falls Sick…

…Everyone would think one of these: 1. “Look at him. In spite of being thin, he would never listen to me. Eat a lot, for God’s sake! What is going through his mind? Does starving himself really pay? So eccentricly … Continue reading

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New Entrepreneurial Success Formula: “Yoga + Startup + Geeks = Productive Business”

I don’t work for startups but I know how it feels to be part of the startup grind. Your daily routines would include typing all day long, eyes being glued to the screen of your laptop or smartphone, and sitting … Continue reading

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Yoga is Likely to Enhance How Our Lungs Work

A new scientific study confirmed another health benefit which a yogi and yogini can reap from their regular practice of yoga. This time, our respiratory system thank you for doing yoga. One can start seeing the improvement of their lungs … Continue reading

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A Flag Worshipper Kid (A True Story of Mine)

I, if my memory served right, worshipped Indonesian flags  very much as a kid. I didn’t remember since when I fell in love with this glorious red-and-white flag. Yet every time I saw that flag, my heart jumped in utter … Continue reading

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Yes, Anyone can Do Yoga (Devi Asmarani’s Book Launch)

Yoga is indeed meant to be practiced by all. Regardless of  how skinny or obese you can be, how rigid or plastic your body is, how young or old you are, yoga keeps benefiting anyone doing it. As for me, … Continue reading

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How to Integrate Yoga into Our Life Style

“To know the truth we have to deepen ourselves and not merely widen the surface” – Sarvepatti Radhakrishnan Don’t be fooled by the title. It is not as philosophical as it sounds. Yes, lately I’ve been doing yoga. And it … Continue reading

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