LINE Successfully Steals the Hearts of AADC Fans

WhatsApp, WeChat, BlackBerry Messenger and Kakao Talk should beware of LINE! As we’ve witnessed social media feeds for the last 2 days, LINE has literally stolen the millenials’ heart in Indonesia. They’re people who are not as old and tech-challenged as the baby boomers, but definitely not as young and penniless as those teenagers who must seek parents’ approval before purchasing stuff they like. The age bracket is absolutely ‘fat’ and profitable. These people – who back then in 2002 (when “Ada Apa dengan Cinta” was premiered) were teenagers – are now able to make money themselves and their socioeconomic level can be improving a lot after graduation. Making money is what they do every day. So they’re productive as hell, and don’t forget, the consumption rate of these age brackets (mid 20’s-30’s) can never be this high. They are enjoying their life and why should stop consuming if they have plenty of money to spend? Splurging is exactly what these young adults are doing.

So far, LINE has been doing quite well. They tried an offline campaign at malls, which I’ve never heard of. They sold merchandises that look particularly funny, but pricey. A giant doll of Cony head could cost us Rp5 million and the medium one Rp280,000. Insane! Who would’ve spent their hard-earned money for this stuff? A few teenagers may have done it, but I’m not sure Millenials like me would have. It’s too silly for us to hug, even for our new-born babies (yes, some Millenials are young parents also), the dolls are way to big to cuddle.

LINE claimed to possess 14 million registered users in the country as of August last year (2013) but after the successful marketing campaign involving “Ada Apa dengan Cinta?” casts, there should be some exponential growth occuring right now.

So LINE may be proud enough to tell the marketers out there that brand marketing success is achievable without having to obey the established marketing rules like ones we usually stumble upon huge business sites like Forbes or Fortune. Those already turn obsolete. Now, brands don’t even have to create their own characters (if you read the Forbes article in the previous link)! LINE showed us you – whatever brands on earth – can find existing likeable, and widely favorited characters out there to help your brands gain more fame and exposure, and most importantly, generate some extra sales and more profits eventually.

The mini drama proves to be effective to make its audience to crave, want more and push them to adopt the app. How so? Because Cinta and Rangga – their teenagehood idols are also using it on their touchscreen smartphone. The app looks way cooler when your favorite characters also use it. And LINE doesn’t tell the whole story. Definitely the audience wants more to come. Some even demand a whole new sequel, which could turn a huge huge huge success.

In the meantime, we’ll watch how it goes. Good job, LINE!

Bid Farewell to the Noisy Facebook Chat

Facebook logo
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Just a quick wrap post! I don’t know whether it’s quite worth sharing or not but those Facebook chat windows that keep popping out and leaving you helpless as you can’t stand responding to every person wanting to have a conversation with you is a matter of history.

I, and some pals, always complain a lot about the distracting noise and today I found the way to have more peaceful virtual networking time. How? Let me show you the way.

First, tap onto your Facebook chat box down there (just on the right corner). Then locate that ‘setting’ icon (yes, that screw-like small picture) up the chat box . Next you’ll read “availability limit” which goes after “available to chat” and “chat sounds”. Click on it!

Finally, there pops out a separate window in the middle of your screen. The “limit availability on chat” feature enables you to:

  • avoid the risk of having a chat with certain people (by choosing “make me unavailable to”
  • increase the probability to have a chat ONLY with people you think most agreeable (by choosing “only make me available to”)
That’s all folks!