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Dharma Mittra on His Famous Yoga Asana Poster, Enlightenment, and His Love of Mac

Why did Dharma Mittra teach yoga? Dharma Mittra (DM): “Because of the magical effects or results of yoga practice, that is radiant health, mental power and peace of mind, that is a powerful antidot for pain and suffering. I think … Continue reading

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Yes, Anyone can Do Yoga (Devi Asmarani’s Book Launch)

Yoga is indeed meant to be practiced by all. Regardless of  how skinny or obese you can be, how rigid or plastic your body is, how young or old you are, yoga keeps benefiting anyone doing it. As for me, … Continue reading

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Scrutinizing D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet

I don’t know about you, but what D’Adamo says about blood type diet DOES make sense to me. And speaking of ‘diet’, don’t get it wrong. It’s about how you’re supposed to eat throughout your lifetime to achieve balance, not … Continue reading

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