When iOS 8 Gets Installed on iPhone 4S

β€ŽIt’s out of sheer curiosity. So I updated my operation system though I have been warned the iPhone 4S would work a bit more slowly. Let it be. Come what may. β€Ž


Here we go! Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence, now we have a more secure operation system. Prior to using your iPhone 4s with iOS 8 on it, you must set 3 extra layers of security in the form of security questions. IMG_3943.PNG

Apple wants it way more secure by requiring you provising another email address. Nice.


Oh and this!


A friend with iPhone 5S commented on my experiment of installing iOS 8 but well, for the sake of better security, why not?! He argued no one wanted to hack my phone. Leaking nude photos of mine is impossible simply because I never snap any of it.

As for the phone battery durability after the installation of iOS 8, I guess there’s no significant improvement or degradation. The battery lasts pretty much like before. The speed of web surfing is also not considerably lowering. At large, it’s not that bad!

When An Android User Switched to iPhone

Whenever I show a new, non-Android gadget to coworkers who happen to be avid and loyal Android users, I was terribly judged as a traitor. Seriously, why is it so?

Once I got a BlackBerry, they thought it was a total crap. An utter fad I would at last lament with utmost remorse. I don’t.

As I switch to another mobile phone, I learn new things, and that’s particularly good as it stimulates my brain. Learn to use new stuff and your grey cells keep agile and connected to each other, just a way to stay away from premature dementia.

So I switched to the iPhone, after being an Android user for about 3 years. I was just curious why some Apple fanboys and girls are that fanatic. I wish I could feel the enthusiasm, adopt the fanaticism but alas! I never manage to be a staunch fan of any single thing on earth. Just be modest. Anything, anyone has their own strengths and weaknesses so be cool every time possible. Fanaticism has been proved to have a long dark shameful history, and I’m not going to be part of that.

To be blunt, fanaticism never works on me, whether it be politics, education, religion, or technology. I want to be free. And fanaticism won’t let you as free as a bird. It shackles you. It is the cage that never let’s you fly to roam the vast world.

That said, possibly my next gadget is some cool Windows Phone. But definitely not now, when the variety of apps is less than exciting.

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