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When It Comes to Gadgets, How Old is REALLY Obsolete?

This story shows you how much people nowadays care about the latest trend in technology market. By people, I mean all of us – especially the millenials- who earn a living either by securing a proper, socially and morally acceptable job … Continue reading

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Au Revoir, Android (On How Uncool Android Has Become)

‎Having an Android handset has never been a disappointment like this. As more and more people have Android phones on earth, one thing you must know is that you should be ready if your handset turns obsoletely unupgradable within 1-2 … Continue reading

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iPhone dan Android Memang Canggih tapi BlackBerry Lebih Aman dari Peretasan

Anda boleh saja mencibir para pemilik BlackBerry. Mengatai mereka “goblok”, “kuno”, “ketinggalan zaman”, bahkan “alay” sekalipun. Tetapi jangan salah, keamanan perangkat berpapan ketik fisik itu malah lebih baik daripada iPhone dan ponsel Android yang berlayar sentuh lebar dan lapang yang … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Still Rocks, so Do iPhone and Android

“Still a huge fan of BlackBerry?”‎he mocked me while I had my handset in hand. I was there, eating my meal and guess what, blogging (now you all know why I blog a little bit too frequently). On my BlackBerry, … Continue reading

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How Samsung Agressively Eats up Rivals’ Market Share

If you reside in Jakarta and own an old iPhone or BlackBerry or even Samsung  handset tha, you already think obsolete, here’s the chance for you to literally get a new phone with less money to spend. Look at the … Continue reading

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When iOS 8 Gets Installed on iPhone 4S

‎It’s out of sheer curiosity. So I updated my operation system though I have been warned the iPhone 4S would work a bit more slowly. Let it be. Come what may. ‎ ‎ Here we go! Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence, … Continue reading

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BBM Mulai ‘Umbar’ PIN Anda ke Pengguna BBM Lain?

There’s no free lunch. Menjadi seorang pengguna layanan jejaring sosial saat ini memang butuh kesabaran. Mengapa? Karena gratis dan praktisnya jejaring sosial harus ditebus dengan privasi yang terusik tanpa peringatan. Seperti yang terjadi pada saya beberapa hari lalu. Tiba-tiba PIN … Continue reading

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Trik Blogging via BlackBerry Tanpa Install Aplikasi WordPress

BlackBerry, ponsel ‘relatif pintar’ yang kerap menjadi bulan-bulanan pengguna smartphone lain ternyata bisa membuat blogger jadi lebih produktif. Alasannya tentu adalah tombol qwerty-nya yang masih terlalu nyaman untuk digadaikan dengan layar sentuh. Jika Anda suka blogging di platform WordPress (baik … Continue reading

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On The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship: Arrogance, Unkindness and Being a Total Jerk

I tell you, entrepreneurship not only brings money to you but also brings out the worst in you. You may think I’m ranting groundlessly but that holds true in a (relatively huge) number of cases. Only this afternoon, I heard … Continue reading

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iPhone 4S Panaskan Otak 3 Kali Lebih Cepat dari Galaxy S3 (Infografis)

Ingatkah Anda beberapa tahun lalu saat muncul kecemasan mengenai tingkat radiasi yang dikeluarkan ponsel kita? Saya bahkan tidak bisa mengatakan pada Anda berapa lama  sejak saya membaca teks FUD (penerjemah: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) mengenai bagaimana ponsel cerdas kita perlahan-lahan memanaskan … Continue reading

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Kevin Rose Reveals “10 Steps to Having More Followers on Twitter”

This post is actually titled “Ten Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers“. Kevin Rose, for you who don’t know who he is, is the founder of Digg and an investor in Twitter. Explain to your followers what retweeting is and encourage them … Continue reading

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I’ve Got New Friends

I ‘hate’ to say this but I just found two utterly eccentric buddies (or creatures..whatever). They’re neither cute nor posh. But I’m just pretty sure they’re silly enough to laugh at.   The Lad He’s a total RIOT. No one … Continue reading

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