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How to Get the New Generation of Journalists TOTALLY SCREWED

Technology is never guilty. But still most people claim it’s a double-edged sword. I crack a smile. These people are mostly as f*cked up as the problem they’re talking about. As ridiculous as it may sound, we might need to … Continue reading

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The Roadmap to Writing Like an Expert

Anyone can write. Your 4-year-old child can write simple sentences on the wall of his bedroom. Your nephew writes an essay on how more civilized and developed this country can be without Trans TV airing Raffi Ahmad’s live update of … Continue reading

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Kara Swisher: Journalists Need to Be More Entrepreneurial, Too!

So Kara Swisher urges journalists to be more entrepreneurial. She said so during her interview with Jason Calacanis as a response to a question from one of the people in the audience whether there is still more room for aspiring … Continue reading

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