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Pandemic Diary: We Miss Javanese Psychic-Historical Content More Than Ever Before

Inundated by Korean and American digital content, most Indonesians forget their roots. Drifted and swept by the worldly trends, they are a lost nation. Museums are never our favorite place to hang out and learn. But I’m glad there’re some … Continue reading

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Being Racist is Humane but Must Be Kept Wisely

Everyone can freely say or think racist but the thing is whether you can keep it to yourself (and some close friends and limited social circle around you) or thoughtlessly display it to the rest of the world, both offline … Continue reading

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Ivan Chen of Ananta Studios: “Are We Losers?”

You know someone’s passion the minute you see him speaking amongst huge crowd, and they’re spellbound right away. That’s how passion works. It spreads like mantra. Intangible yet impactful. And that is exactly how people found Ivan Chen. He simply … Continue reading

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“9 Summers 10 Autumns”: An Epic Familial Memoir of Iwan Setyawan You Can’t Miss

It’s 16.55 pm. I’m staring outside and witnessing the raindrops falling on mother earth. At such this hour I should be working for my last left energy to stroke the keyboards in the cooled office down there but today I’m … Continue reading

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