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On Being More Entrepreneurial without Becoming an Entrepreneur

Writing for an entrepreneurship website for the last 4 years made me in some way think about how overly hyped entrepreneurship has become these days. So overly hyped it resembles a new faith in the modern world, with Silicon Valley … Continue reading

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Facebook Diisukan Buat Ponsel dengan HTC

Facebook kembali dikabarkan akan membuat langkah besar untuk bisa bertahan di jagat social media yang makin sengit tingkat persaingannya. Kali ini bukan aspek softwarenya, tetapi hardware. Selama ini kita hanya bisa mengenal Facebook melalui layanan jejaring sosialnya yang gratis itu. … Continue reading

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I’m Hereby NOT a Google+ Virgin Any Longer

Thanks to Aulia a.k.a @Salsabeela, I can now be an official user of Google+, the overly hyped new social networking service by Google. First of all, I don’t know why the notification always appears although I clicked on it over … Continue reading

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