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How to Get the New Generation of Journalists TOTALLY SCREWED

Technology is never guilty. But still most people claim it’s a double-edged sword. I crack a smile. These people are mostly as f*cked up as the problem they’re talking about. As ridiculous as it may sound, we might need to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Some Moronic, Stubborn So-called “Media Intrapreneur”

Dear media intrapreneur, You’re such an underperformer, even to admit you suck at leading in the first place. You know almost nothing about the industry and business you make money from and still you think you know it all and … Continue reading

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BBM Mulai ‘Umbar’ PIN Anda ke Pengguna BBM Lain?

There’s no free lunch. Menjadi seorang pengguna layanan jejaring sosial saat ini memang butuh kesabaran. Mengapa? Karena gratis dan praktisnya jejaring sosial harus ditebus dengan privasi yang terusik tanpa peringatan. Seperti yang terjadi pada saya beberapa hari lalu. Tiba-tiba PIN … Continue reading

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The Future of Investigative Journalism and Its Challenges in Indonesia

I am a self-proclaimed (pseudo) journalist. I have no journalism membership card or such a thing to show people that I am one. That explains why I prefer calling myself a blogger, or a citizen journalism activist, enthusiast. An euphimism … Continue reading

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5 Ketrampilan Digital yang Harus Dimiliki Jurnalis dan Blogger Masa Kini

Di abad informasi digital seperti sekarang, para pewarta harus memutakhirkan kemampuannya dalam bidang media digital. Kini wartawan juga harus melek digital. Mereka harus tahu dasar-dasar ketrampilan dalam berkomunikasi di dunia digital, tren yag tidak terelakkan di masyarakat modern.   Ketrampilan … Continue reading

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