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Laki Punya Diary

TIDAK ada periode hidup yang paling menjemukan dan paling menyesakkan selain pandemi ini. Setidaknya bagi saya. Entah bagi Anda. Bagi orang paling introvert pun, terpasung di rumah memang membuat stres. Jadi efeknya bagi orang-orang ekstrovert juga tak terbayangkan sih. Banyak … Continue reading

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#ifeelyoubro : Talking About Asian Men’s Mental Health in These Increasingly Challenging Times

The legendary 2020 pandemic that we are going through now has put many men under unprecedented pressure of life. I’m not an exception. It is such a lie to say that I’m not affected by the pandemic. I do get … Continue reading

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Schopenhauer’s Porcupines Theory (A Secret to Happiness?)

Below is the transcript of a footage titled “This Emotional Life” by Elizabeth Gilberth. I find this nice and profound in meaning, thus I publish it here. Hope you all like it, readers. “Schopenhauer in his book had a theory … Continue reading

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