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When a Yogi Falls Sick…

…Everyone would think one of these: 1. “Look at him. In spite of being thin, he would never listen to me. Eat a lot, for God’s sake! What is going through his mind? Does starving himself really pay? So eccentricly … Continue reading

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Schopenhauer’s Porcupines Theory (A Secret to Happiness?)

Below is the transcript of a footage titled “This Emotional Life” by Elizabeth Gilberth. I find this nice and profound in meaning, thus I publish it here. Hope you all like it, readers. “Schopenhauer in his book had a theory … Continue reading

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7 Golden Keys to Longevity and A More Productive Life

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Hiromi Shinya. According to the seasoned Japanese surgeon, the ultimate key to longer and healthier life is enzyme. He also emphasizes the importance of balanced life style and mostly vegan diet type.  Read on … Continue reading

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Yoga is Likely to Enhance How Our Lungs Work

A new scientific study confirmed another health benefit which a yogi and yogini can reap from their regular practice of yoga. This time, our respiratory system thank you for doing yoga. One can start seeing the improvement of their lungs … Continue reading

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These First 7 Days as a Glasses Boy

I had been avoiding wearing glasses since a long time ago. They look cool on others but when it came to think of it, they don’t on me. I don’t know. I just felt it was an odd idea. But … Continue reading

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Latest Job Vacancy for Metrosexuals: More Korean Boys Recruited to Sell Cosmetics

 Ladies and gents, welcome the dawn of the new era of SPG! No, it doesn’t stand for Sales Promotion Girls, but Sales Promotion GUYS. As reported by english.chosun.com, in South Korea more and more good-looking boys get recruited by cosmetics … Continue reading

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A Flag Worshipper Kid (A True Story of Mine)

I, if my memory served right, worshipped Indonesian flags  very much as a kid. I didn’t remember since when I fell in love with this glorious red-and-white flag. Yet every time I saw that flag, my heart jumped in utter … Continue reading

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The Advisable Eating Pattern that Keeps Us Healthy in Ramadan

First of all, I need to disclose that all the ideas stated in this post are based on what Erikar Lebang said on Twitter (@erikarlebang). I only copied, pasted, added (just a bit here and there) or edited, rephrased and/ … Continue reading

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A Bit of Yogic Essence in Ramadan (An Excerpt from Yudhi Widdyantoro’s Speech)

In the broader sense, ‘yoga’ itself can be defined as ‘a controlled mind’, ‘a harmonious bond between individual soul and the universe soul. It’s an effective method to calm and ease the troubled, anxious mind, which in turns can channel … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction to Food Combining (1)

Claudia Jones in Namaskar (April 2011 issue) extolled the significance of food combining to our digestive health. So she said this method may help us reduce gas and abdominal bloating after eating, fast eliminate and balance body weight (ok, I … Continue reading

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Yes, Anyone can Do Yoga (Devi Asmarani’s Book Launch)

Yoga is indeed meant to be practiced by all. Regardless of  how skinny or obese you can be, how rigid or plastic your body is, how young or old you are, yoga keeps benefiting anyone doing it. As for me, … Continue reading

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I Hereby Quit Practicing Fiddle …

If a novice fiddler must have a role model, I believe it’s gotta be Sharon ‘the Posh’ Corr. Apart from her gorgeous cheek bones and one-of-its-kind nose (can’t help saying that), she plays like a goddess. And as for me, … Continue reading

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