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What I Experienced as a Voter in General Election 2014

It was advertised as a hassle free, time and power saving procedure. But the reality is just NOT. It is not enough just to show them my identity card or kartu tanda penduduk (KTP) or passport to be entitled to … Continue reading

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New Flyover in Jakarta: Will It Be the Answer?

As of today, Satrio Flyover in South Jakarta is officially opened for public traffic. The street has been widely notorious for its traffic jam during rush hours. Now that it is already opened, I wonder whether it works or fails … Continue reading

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From EECCHI Public Awards: The Contests are Over But Challenges? Never!

It’s been a  long time since the day  I attended Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House Indonesia (EECCHI) event a few months ago. It was when the video contest winners from several schools were announced.  The venue was Es Teler … Continue reading

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Quick Wrapup Post

Paul Costigan and Patrick ORiordan : Irish reps at the event. They dont speak Indonesian, sadly. My life ‘s almost all about translating recently. I’m fed up with it. But unhappily can’t escape before everything gets done. So many new … Continue reading

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