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Untuk menuangkan saripati kehidupan Jobs dalam kertas, Walter Isaacson membutuhkan 1200 lebih lembar kertas. Tak mengejutkan karena Jobs adalah sosok yang gimana ya… udah hampir kayak nabi di zaman modern ini. Kalau semua produk Apple adalah kitab suci dan pemilik … Continue reading

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12-Inch MacBook Air, Another Incremental Innovation The World Badly Needs

It was rumored yesteryear already. To be frank , it’s quite stale as news. But why is this still news? Because it’s Apple that produces it. The world doesn’t care about what innovation Axio, Advan or Raspberry Pi would bring … Continue reading

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On The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship: Arrogance, Unkindness and Being a Total Jerk

I tell you, entrepreneurship not only brings money to you but also brings out the worst in you. You may think I’m ranting groundlessly but that holds true in a (relatively huge) number of cases. Only this afternoon, I heard … Continue reading

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What It Means To Be a Real Entrepreneur

  I actually spotted this article in a local publication generally available in the taxi network in  Jakarta. Very tickling, I must say. “Entrepreneur”, “entrepreneurship”, ah you’ll never know how many times I’ve typed these two words on my keyboards … Continue reading

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