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You Do Not Choose Your Passion. It Chooses You, says John Irving

‎It’s a quarter past midnight. I just met too many people with lots of stories to tell, and guess what? There’s a voice inside my head that keeps telling me:”Write about them NOW.” My logic rebutted,”For God’s sake, it’s time … Continue reading

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The Moment I Found My ‘Twin’

While waiting for the food I ordered at my regular eatery, someone came in. We saw each other – a few seconds of eye contact and nothing happened- and he ordered ketoprak, a food basically loaded with tons of carbohydrates. … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t It Sunny in Jakarta?

It was my first time to find a new Fijian acquaintance. While she was introducing herself, I shook her hand and something in my head began operating. “Fiji… Fiji… Fiji..,”it tried to locate the given country in my virtual world … Continue reading

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The Risk of Writing Bluntly

“If you know somebody is going to be awfully annoyed by something you write, that’s obviously very satisfying, and if they howl with rage or cry, that’s honey.”- A. N. Wilson I know a guy. He taught on a campus … Continue reading

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Mengejar Sempurna yang Tak Nyata

Ctek! Begitu bunyi saklar diikuti dengan menyalanya lampu operasi yang terang benderang itu. Arah cahayanya yang begitu terang menyorot langsung ke bawah. Sebuah meja operasi terentang. Seorang wanita muda berada di atasnya, terbaring terlentang dengan kesadaran yang diredam anastesi dengan … Continue reading

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