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Live Blog: Indonesia’s Presidential Election 2014 (Hint: #jokowins)

Hi World, As you all know, today is the D-day. Or E-day to be exact. Election Day! Everyone seems restless as to who is going to win: Jokowi or Prabowo. After the whole debates and campaign to win voters’ hearts, … Continue reading

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Does SBY Tweet by Himself?

There’s no doubt someone is tweeting himself if he is a teenager or someone with less tech-challenged nature and looks, and a lot of spare time.  But what if that’s the President of Indonesia? I don’t know what to say … Continue reading

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In Protest against Lame Food Policy, Agricultural Department Site Got Hacked

There are too many ironies in this country. Indonesia is a country well known for its abundant natural resources and dubbed as “Ring of Fire”, where two lines of volcanoes meet with each other. Merapi, Krakatau are a few that … Continue reading

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Kebun Raya Bogor dan 2 Orang Jerman

Dari KRB ketemu dua orang pemuda Jerman yg belajar Marine biology. Namanya ga tau. Mereka seolah ga mau kasih tau. Well, it’s ok.  Pertama karena aku diusir dari gerbong wanita aku pun pindah gerbong. Dan sekilas kulihat ada wajah kaukasia. … Continue reading

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Ciputra in “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global Chaos”

To date, the United States of America may be considered the hub of entrepreneurship in the world. We, however, almost forget how dynamic the world economy has become and that there are developing economies throughout the globe that keep catching … Continue reading

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