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Au Revoir, Android (On How Uncool Android Has Become)

‎Having an Android handset has never been a disappointment like this. As more and more people have Android phones on earth, one thing you must know is that you should be ready if your handset turns obsoletely unupgradable within 1-2 … Continue reading

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On Being More Entrepreneurial without Becoming an Entrepreneur

Writing for an entrepreneurship website for the last 4 years made me in some way think about how overly hyped entrepreneurship has become these days. So overly hyped it resembles a new faith in the modern world, with Silicon Valley … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Still Rocks, so Do iPhone and Android

“Still a huge fan of BlackBerry?”‎he mocked me while I had my handset in hand. I was there, eating my meal and guess what, blogging (now you all know why I blog a little bit too frequently). On my BlackBerry, … Continue reading

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