Apparently the US,too, is Struggling against Plastics

Seated from left to right: Agnes Stafford, Michelle de Pass, the moderator whose name I don't even know (As I missed the half of the show), and A. Ruwindrijarto (founder of’s always tickling me to find out  how American and European rivers can stay (or at least look) pristine.  So I thought they have applied a very effective system to treat plastic garbage.

Thanks to my curiosity, I shamelessly asked this question to Michelle de Pass, a representative of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For your information, the first time I heard this abbreviation was when I watched “The Simpsons: The Movie” (miss watching it!).

Ms. de Pass admitted that the US itself is making its best efforts to tackle this plastic  ‘monster’. Did she say something about “a  mousetrap”?