Haruki Murakami: “Writing a Novel is NOT a ‘Healthy’ Type of Work”

It’s confirmed. Writing a novel, or basically any writing-related profession, is physically unhealthy in the long run, but that’s only if you ignore your own well-being!

Unlike most authors, Haruki Murakami is pretty much fit for an author at his 60’s. He’s not young anymore obviously but maybe he can run much faster than a young man in his 20’s. Poor us, right?

Writers: Sedentary creatures

I’m now in the late 20’s and never think that running would be one type of sports I’d do sometime in my life. I can run for sure but it’s just not what I want to do as my fondness of yoga grows larger day by day (and at some points, stay the same and declining).

I too am aware of this well-being issue as a writer. Sitting all day long, more than 10 hours a day straight sounds like something fun as an author working on his things with eyes glued to a glaring screen. But if that forms a habit, we certainly disrupt the balance of our well-being, physically, mentally, psychologically.

So I came to think of this: “Writers need right distractions“. Why so? Because they need to move, need that distraction to keep moving as moving means living. Sedentary life style of an author may kill them!

Decision to get fit

Back to Murakami, this Japanese author really impresses me with his physical fitness. Perhaps that’s what every author, writer in the world needs to become before they start writing, being physically fit! Without it, you can of course still write but for how long? Staying fit by regular exercise keeps the body robust and supple as well as hones the sharpness of the brain, which is declining as time passes and one grows older.

Murakami made this conscious decision (i.e. to be physically fit), if he wants to write longer throughout his lifetime,  health is the key. That’s the rule of the thumb everyone knows well and sadly enough, ignores at the same time. It’s said that he quit smoking, started eating better, became almost a vegetarian, and started seriously running marathon (source: “Haruki Murakami: In Search of This Elusive Writer” – Documentary).

Wake up, writers!

This is exactly contrary to what I have seen so far in bloggers, writers and journalists lifestyle. They adopt sedentary lifestyle, crappy daily diets, hardly ever exercise or hit a gym. Drinks with caffeine level above what is normal is tolerated. Even more horrifying, I see smoking is like a normal habit that won’t kill. Yes, that may not kill but aggravate any ailments you suffer from. This liberal daily intake of caffeine, heavy smoking habit, combined with irregular night sleep pattern is so lethal yet unobserved. And all for the sake of deadlines!

I’m so stunned by all the ignorance showcased before me. Is this insanity at its worst? Look at Chairil Anwar, the best poet in Indonesia in his time. Why did you waste your writing talents, trade your lifetime for cigarettes??? Throughout his lifetime (which spanned only 26 years and active working years of only 7 years), Anwar had written 94 literary works, mostly are poems. Imagine how many masterpieces he might have produced once he had lived his life better. He died of TBC (and various sicknesses prior to that) at 27. Ah, what a waste of talent!

So why can’t we now get seriously aware of this issue? Get rid of those self-murderous habits! Write like there’s no tomorrow, workout as if you’ll die without sweating or panting every day, and live as long as you can because only a living human being can tell and write stories. Corpses can’t…

English: Indonesian poet Chairil Anwar (1922 -...
English: Indonesian poet Chairil Anwar (1922 – 1949) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Orgasms in Writing: The Oh-Yes Moments a Writer Seeks to Experience

English: penulis = writer
English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me tell you that I have orgasms at work. Multiple ones, to be exact. They’re fun. I have them right in front of my colleagues. I feel liberated and satiated in spite of their presence. True, it’s an undescribable type of feeling. They happen every time I post an article. It is not an article that I just paraphrase but one that I write on my own. Like this one, the blog post I am writing now. This is one is the piece I write myself, slowly, without any considerable distraction in the process and I simply like the topic. This is absolutely a thing that I’m so familiar with. I know what I’m writing about and that alone provides totally different an impact on me as a writer.

And after finsihing the whole thing and hit that “publish” button, I afterwards tweet and share them. I am a content producer, articles generator, as well as a content marketer. Sometimes I use different wordings to attract followers and fans to come and read. The pre-climax would be to find and see a significant amount of readers coming. 100, 200, 600 and 1000 and still counting, the climax is drawing nearer. Love the sensation so much!

But in fact, the orgasm just isn’t yet to come. When people retweet, give positive feedback, like and share the content I create wholeheartedly, that is precisely I have an orgasm as a writer.

Thus the keyword here is “wholehearted”. It resembles a sexual intercourse in any possible ways.  And that’s also what other creative workers experience I guess. When the creative work is done wholeheartedly by an artist, s/he will reach that oh-yes moment. That 3-second which is worth all the sweat, the pain, the blood (perhaps).

Maybe if I have to provide readers a formula of successfully orgasmic writing, I’d say this is the equation:

Wholeheartedness + proper writing skills = orgasmic writing

And one more thing is the praise, the one that tells you already contribute something enlightening or life-altering. That’d be the gravy, that perfect sauce or condiment in a serving of fresh salad in the morning. That sauce is complimentary but definitely super nice to have though I’d be unhealthy to have it too much because it tastes too palatable.

So are you ready enough for the next orgasms in your writing career? And that is an orgasm of an online writer. How about orgasms an offline author experiences? I’ve never experienced such a thing and still on my way to go there. Wish me luck, people!

How Blogging Landed Me a Job

Watching and Blogging
Blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s true that blogging is my savior. I guess blogging is another channel to bring my writing to a much wider audience, which later paved my way to the job I’m having now. Here’s my story.


It’s been always my fascination to live a life as a writer. Not only as a career choice but also life path. I was still always shy to show my writing for an excuse that it was just a shameless show-off. And I didn’t feel like there was an audience out there wanting to read my writeups, with my academic mentor as exceptions. But I got sick of writing thesis. Because it was more of a chore than a calling or passion. That’s what may happen to someone who thinks that his/ her favorite pastime would be a great choice of academic pursuit. It turned out bitter. I am certain that I love English and some literary works but doesn’t necessarily mean I enjoyed having to attend philosophy or ethics classes.


At that time, I was a teacher. A lecturer working part time to be frank. Realizing I’d never gone extroverted so much, I then seriously considered writing. Writing, in my mind, seemed like the most logical career field for me. I don’t have to meet many people every single day. And that’s such a bliss.


With nothing else other than writing on my mind, I quit my part-time teaching job and started to seek any possible writing-related job vacancies. I still remember how I always would pray for my dream job in my everyday prayer. For almost 8 months, I was literally unemployed. I knew I had to get myself a job but what still came to my mind was that the new job ought to be related to writing. I can’t stand another teaching gig. I’d had more than enough in 3 years and 6 months and would be glad to move on to the next bigger thing.


While searching for the vacancies online, I also naturally looked for some space to write as well. It was way too maddening and frustrating to stay at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week with only my laptop showing rejected job applications. So one night after a few weeks of my resignation I stumbled upon a web article explaining how easy it is to earn money with a blog. Yes, I needed money! That’s exactly how I can value myself before others. You’re someone after you earn money. That’s it.


From that moment on, I started blogging. Every morning I checked on my email inbox, responded to very few responses and sent as many online job applications as possible. After these mundane daily routines, I always logged in on my blogs. It is still live up to now (akhlispurnomo.blogspot.com). I just blogged about a topic I’ve been familiar with so far: English learning.


That was how I began blogging. I was blogging relentlessly the entire 8 months. I really had nothing else to do other than blogging and doing virtual networking. It may sound funny but I knew a guy who happened to be an Internet marketer. He lives in Malaysia and  another young man whose passion is everything about digital world and entrepreneurship.


(to be continued)




Complements are words that come after linking verbs and modify nouns. The most common noun complements are adjectives and nouns, but can be many other parts of speech as well.

TestMagic uses the term noun complement more liberally than do some other grammar resources; doing so will make grammar explanations for tests much, much easier and faster.

Examples of complements

All the highlighted words or phrases below are complements.

I consider you a friend.

Megumi called her ex-boyfriend a philistine.

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