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Haruki Murakami: “Writing a Novel is NOT a ‘Healthy’ Type of Work”

It’s confirmed. Writing a novel, or basically any writing-related profession, is physically unhealthy in the long run, but that’s only if you ignore your own well-being! Unlike most authors, Haruki Murakami is pretty much fit for an author at his … Continue reading

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Orgasms in Writing: The Oh-Yes Moments a Writer Seeks to Experience

Let me tell you that I have orgasms at work. Multiple ones, to be exact. They’re fun. I have them right in front of my colleagues. I feel liberated and satiated in spite of their presence. True, it’s an undescribable … Continue reading

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How Blogging Landed Me a Job

It’s true that blogging is my savior. I guess blogging is another channel to bring my writing to a much wider audience, which later paved my way to the job I’m having now. Here’s my story.   It’s been always … Continue reading

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Complements are words that come after linking verbs and modify nouns. The most common noun complements are adjectives and nouns, but can be many other parts of speech as well. TestMagic uses the term noun complement more liberally than do some other grammar … Continue reading

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