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A Tiger in Winter: A Struggling Writer in A Modern Society

Director and scriptwriter Lee Kwang-Kuk might not have intended to hit us writers hard in the bull’s eye. But when one of his dialogs in “A Tiger in Winter” (2017) which you can watch for free here shows you how … Continue reading

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“Writing is an Art and You Don’t Rush Art” – Super Wealthy Authors

‎I hate disturbingly affluent authors. Not that I want to choke them to death or beat them with pebbles or decapitate them like that poor Japanese journalist. I’m not that mean, seriously. It’s more because they have the luxury and … Continue reading

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Writers’ Moral Responsibility

‎”The first job of a writer is to be HONEST.”- Irvine Welsh I typed the word “honest” in capital letters as I cannot tell you how much I find this quote inspiring to me. ‎This quote at its best teaches … Continue reading

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