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A Hobbyist Yogi’s Rants

‎It’s confusing for me to answer questions like:”How long did it take you to master this pose or that pose?” or “Can you now do pose X or pose Y?” or “How’s the progress of your practice? Do you manage … Continue reading

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Like Any Other Industries, There’s So Much Compassion and Hatred in the Yoga Industry

‎Peaceful looks of yoga students and gurus, calm ambiance of a yoga class, soft tone of a yoga practitioner’s voice may lead you to a misleading conception of yoga industry. Yes, the INDUSTRY, not the teachings, norms and values. I … Continue reading

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My First Day of Teaching Yoga in Public

It was quite a surprise, to be blunt. Everything was ill-planned this very morning. I had to teach in a very short notice. I was called on the phone and within 15-20 minutes I simply had to be at the … Continue reading

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An Unintended Yoga Class

It was not a yoga class you attend biweekly at a nearby gym or fitness center. They, my so-called students shun such places. So do I. And here we were, sitting without mats on a cemented badminton and basketball field. … Continue reading

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