June 2011

  • Scorpion Pose

    I’m recently trying to do scorpion pose. I’m a scorpion (by zodiacal sign) so I feel like I have to master this. LOL! At the first attempt, I used a wall as a supporter. It was easier than I thought. But the thing is …I bent frontward too much. Update: This was taken after a… Continue reading

  • Why I Love (Free) Yoga at Taman Suropati

    “Life’s Good” says LG. But yes it IS good when you’re surrounded by the right people. So if you find yourself unhappy, look around. It might be because of your wrong choice of friends or social circles. *** T’was one fateful Sunday morning in December 2010 at Taman Suropati, Menteng, on Jalan Imam Bonjol if you… Continue reading