Scorpion Pose

I’m recently trying to do scorpion pose. I’m a scorpion (by zodiacal sign) so I feel like I have to master this. LOL!

At the first attempt, I used a wall as a supporter. It was easier than I thought. But the thing is …I bent frontward too much.

Update: This was taken after a week of practicing..

It took me 20 Scorpion poses before deciding to upload this one!

Why I Love (Free) Yoga at Taman Suropati

“Life’s Good” says LG. But yes it IS good when you’re surrounded by the right people. So if you find yourself unhappy, look around. It might be because of your wrong choice of friends or social circles.


T’was one fateful Sunday morning in December 2010 at Taman Suropati, Menteng, on Jalan Imam Bonjol if you want to go there someday. Trees, lawn, the fresh dirty smell of ground, and most importantly the oxygen are among other things I (and million other Jakartans) am dying to find amidst the concrete jungle.

My eyes bumped into someone. He sat comfortably there, inhaling and exhaling without giving a damn to his surrounding. He was Yuddhi, a guru of yoga. I knew it was yoga and I knew he was doing yoga. I read a book on yoga before that. And I know I’ve been interested in yoga, which pushed me to draw nearer to him. A sheer curiosity I call it.

And that sheer curiosity gradually led me to a deeper understanding and practice of yoga.  On the following Sundays after the first proper breathing class with Yuddhi, the yogi, in that morning, I started practicing yoga frequently.

Why Yoga?

Ok, yoga sounds too queer. No young man at my age (I’m 27) is interested in this kind of ‘elderly’ and ‘womanly’ sport. But don’t get me wrong, yoga can burn your calorie and demand more physical strength more than cycling, bodybuilding or aerobics combined.

Seriously, I have never met a peer here at Taman Suropati. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I must quit. I love this…

So this is why I love this body-bending-and-folding workout. First of all, it suits my body frame! The yoga workout regime is hard..YES, but that’s for someone with less flexibility and more heavily-built figure. Happily, I’m slim, ok, underweight to be precise. So in my case, it’s much easier to do whatever yoga poses I want with this super lean body.

You may argue that being thin doesn’t always mean more flexibility. Yup, I can’t agree more on that. But with a lighter body, you can lift your body easier.

Secondly, God gave me a body with higher flexibility level. I didn’t know why but as I was a kid at school, I loved gymnastics more than I did soccer (which is played by suckers).  I could kiss my knees effortlessly while others couldn’t on my high school days. In short, I was blessed with it.

Thirdly, I love yoga because of its portability. Really, you don’t need anything but your body (and soft material to cover the floor for certain poses) to practice it anytime and anywhere you want. I like bodybuilding (it’s great for gaining body mass) but still I have to find the right spot to work out. And above all, you can’t carry those dumbbels around with you at work.

Fourthly, it requires no competition. Yoga isn’t about competing with anyone else. It’s all about me, understanding my mind, getting to know my body. I don’t care if you can do a handstand better than I do, because I do the poses for the sake of myself. I won’t be damned or scorned by the guru just because anyone else can hold a pose longer than I can.

Fifthly, the workout brings me to the new social circle, as I said earlier. I know lots of great people.

Last of all, it’s FREE….

See you at Taman Suropati. When you see a flock of people doing something ODD, that’s us. Don’t hesitate to approach us and follow the guru’s instruction, as in here, everyone’s invited.

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