December 2009

  • Family: Some Basic Vocabularies

    Hi folks! The post you’re about to read is about familial vocabularies. Most of words presented here is proven to be relevant to everyday use. It is therefore crucial for us to master all these words and the meanings. 아버지         father 어머니         mother 할아버지     grandfather 할머니        grandmother 형오빠        big brother 부모            parents 계모            step mother… Continue reading

  • Ernest Hemingway’s "Cat in the Rain"

    The good-looking and young Ernest Hemingway (Milan, 1918) A worthwhile pastime that has always been my favorite since forever is reading some great literary works or any pieces of writing that would simply teach me something and provide me more novel insights towards the universe, people living in it and how this enigmatic world works. … Continue reading

  • How to Write a Perfect Get-Well Letter

    What is a get-well letter? A get-well letter is a letter that is written by someone to show warmth and affection. This type of letter is generally sent to someone who is sick or injured after an accident. These are a number of steps taken to create a heartfelt and warm get-well letter : Express… Continue reading

  • How to Write Condolence Letters (Sympathy Letters)

      I know it looks odd to talk about condolence or sympathy amidst the buzzing holiday trends, when everyone seems to be in their best mood. Tragedies and predicaments, however, generally occur when they are least expected and naturally no one hopes their coming, particularly in this holiday season.  This is some know-how to write… Continue reading

  • Writing Holidays Greeting Cards

    Holidays are drawing nearer and most of us must be busying ourselves with writing greeting cards or greeting emails to clients, family members, far relatives, acquaintances, old pals, etc.But if you have no idea what and how to write good lines on your greeting card, this might be of help.This is what I excerpted from… Continue reading

  • Conditonal Sentences (Not for a Grammar-Savvy Person)

    Previously on my post on subjunctive, I already touched on some conditional sentence discussion. In this post, however, I would love to focus solely on this topic. As you can see on the chart above, there are six types of tenses that are used in conditional sentences. Like the timeline diagram I gave you before,… Continue reading

  • My Blogging Self-Evaluation: Why This Blog Should Only Focus on One Niche

    This thought came up right after I read Darren Rowse’s post about the benefits of building a more focused blog. By ‘a more focused blog’, I mean a blog that has more a specific niche (a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it- Wordweb dictionary). Darren wrote that he at the first… Continue reading

  • American, British, Australian English: the Differences

    Are you now learning English as a second or foreign language? Along the course of learning process, we might find English relatively tricky especially after we find out there are more than one variety to distinguish and learn. For the record, there are so many English variants spoken in different parts of the globe. There… Continue reading

  • Writing Basic Principle: Utilizing Old and New Information

    All people can write but only few can write very well. That is the nature law. But writing well is not only about talent but also about how to hone (if your talent has already advanced) or create (if your talent scarcely exists) or revitalize (if your talent has been buried for a long time).… Continue reading

  • Presents

    Some presents might end up getting returned. Have we ever wondered why we somehow get what we give to other people? We give them a bundle of roses and we the following day discover a box of edelweisses on our door steps. We gifted them a sack of pythons yesterday and we today have our house… Continue reading

  • Green Blogging: How to Stay Green While Blogging

    Hi, people! I bet everyone has heard of the climate change international conference buzz in Copenhagen. We can easily find the news related to the summit anywhere in the web, on TV, newspapers. No doubt that going green is becoming increasingly massive a trend. Green is sexy!   Green lifestyle shouldn’t be a sheer short-term… Continue reading

  • "Gossip Girl" Study Case: Why Blonde always Outdoes Brunet

    Watching American TV shows, there are some noticable patterns that brunets are disfavored especially compared to their blond counterparts. I have seen some American TVshows and I thouht that it was just a concidence that the blond chicks. However, recently when I watched some TV show that is much hyped (overly hyped at times), I… Continue reading