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The Rioutous Badminton Final

And hereby the badminton madness is officially over. Last night the final matches was completed, involving two decisive, momentous matches to determine which badminton couples was entitled to the champion, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runner up . The 3rd … Continue reading

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Apparently the US,too, is Struggling against Plastics

It’s always tickling me to find out  how American and European rivers can stay (or at least look) pristine.  So I thought they have applied a very effective system to treat plastic garbage. Thanks to my curiosity, I shamelessly asked … Continue reading

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When ‘God’ Goes Social…

It never occurs to me that ‘God’ should go social. Seriously, how could this happen to the ‘Most Divine’ in the infinite universe? It was all because of my recklessness. I thought it’d be good to let people know what … Continue reading

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Shania Twain: ‘Backstabbed’, Survived, and Strengthened

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Working towards Greener World (@atamerica Meetup)

phew,I finally managed to get there although I was an hour late! so I knew I missed lots of things for sure. But I was quite determined to make myself ask the question addressing plastics. Michelle de Pass and Agnes … Continue reading

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Introduction to Food Combining (2)

The theory of food combining, as Claudia Jones puts it, is that proteins require hydrochloric acid and the enzyme pepsin to break them down in the stomach whereas starches don’t start to metabolize until they reach the small intestine where … Continue reading

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National Kids Day: Enjoying Childhood to its Fullest

I forget whose quote that is but it encapsulates what I’m about to say perfectly. Every and each parent wants their kids to grow up and old. That’s what I usually hear. “Eat a lot so you’ll grow bigger” or … Continue reading

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Ciputra in “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global Chaos”

To date, the United States of America may be considered the hub of entrepreneurship in the world. We, however, almost forget how dynamic the world economy has become and that there are developing economies throughout the globe that keep catching … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction to Food Combining (1)

Claudia Jones in Namaskar (April 2011 issue) extolled the significance of food combining to our digestive health. So she said this method may help us reduce gas and abdominal bloating after eating, fast eliminate and balance body weight (ok, I … Continue reading

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Social Media Frequency for Personal Branding a la Catur PW

Great slides to share!

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My Yoga Class at Taman Suropati

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Bid Farewell to the Noisy Facebook Chat

Just a quick wrap post! I don’t know whether it’s quite worth sharing or not but those Facebook chat windows that keep popping out and leaving you helpless as you can’t stand responding to every person wanting to have a … Continue reading

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