October 2020

  • Pandemic Diary: Can Traveling Get Me Covid-19?

    As people are headed to holiday season this end of October, they are lured into traveling outside their homes. This especially holds true in Indonesia where lockdown policy is never applied seriously and only half-heartedly due to the economic reason. But families in Indonesia are known to be really stubborn. They are very close and… Continue reading

  • Pandemic Diary: Enlightenment from the Radio

    This is 2020. But radio to me is just as miraculous as it was in 1920-s. Seriously, because I’m no TV person. I hate TV and the reason why I loathe it is because I’ve been working all day long with screens. My smartphone, and my laptop. Therefore, I make a pledge to myself that… Continue reading

  • Pandemic Diary: What Do Covid-19 Patients Do in Isolation?

    Covid-19 patients are isolated for weeks. Most of them get treated for two weeks at hospital. And for these weeks, what do they do? Isn’t it boring to stay in bed and indoors for that long? So I heard this account from Izak Latu (Universitas Kristen Satywacana Salatiga lecturer), an ex Covid-19 patient aired on… Continue reading

  • Pandemic Diary – 2

    It is Sunday morning. It should be fun but I don’t think it is. Everyone in the train seems to agree with me on this point. They are all men. Young, able-bodied males. There are enough seats for all. So we are all relieved. To be a young male in this commuter line is such… Continue reading

  • Pandemic Diary

    It’s October, which means it’s been eight solid months since the first time Covid-19 landed in Indonesia. But still I can’t see it decline anytime soon. A friend of mine asked me naively: “When will you think it’s over? This December?” I laughed it off. Not that I’m pessismistic but I’m realistic and more fact-based.… Continue reading