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Exchanging Letters Suddenly Feels More Than Nostalgic

Love letters from more than 80 years ago between a couple living separately. This is almost nonexistent these days. So I sought a community of such habit. But I cannot. I stumbled upon a site which I thought it is … Continue reading

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Fatherhood in “Fanny” (1961)

It is no wonder that “Fanny” is considered “classics”. It displays a theme that is relevant to any human being regardless of their age, citizenship, and status. It turns out that classics can be very entertaining without even showing you … Continue reading

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Some Flowers from My New Normal Getaway

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Remembering the Late Sapardi Djoko Damono (SDD)

Pada Suatu Hari Nanti pada suatu hari nantijasadku tak akan ada lagitapi dalam bait-bait sajak inikau takkan kurelakan sendiri pada suatu hari nantisuaraku tak terdengar lagitapi di antara larik-larik sajak inikau akan tetap kusiasati pada suatu hari nantiimpianku pun tak … Continue reading

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From My New Normal Getaway (Part 2 – End)

[Read the previous part here: FROM MY NEW NORMAL GETAWAY (PART 1)] “Morning Has Broken” might be the right song to sing at 5.30 am on top of the hill ridge that very morning. I woke up at 4.50 am … Continue reading

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From My New Normal Getaway (part 1)

In the New Normal, people start to leave their homes and do whatever they can to stay sane by finding a place to destress and unwind. I am no exception. This week I was on a very very brief midweek … Continue reading

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Setelah Lepas Kawat Gigi, Lalu Apa?

Setelah menulis pengalaman saya memasang kawat gigi selama setahun di sini (baca: Pasang Kawat Gigi: Perlu Atau Tidak?“), saya tak lupa akan membagikan pengalaman saya mencopot kawat gigi. Seharusnya mungkin pencopotan kawat gigi ini dijadwalkan lebih awal tetapi kita tahu … Continue reading

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