Verb as Complement

What is a verb complement?

A verb complement is the arrangement of one verb as the object of another verb. This happens 4 ways in English:

1. With infinitives


I asked her to leave.

I wanted to leave.

I helped him to leave.

I stopped for the child to cross the street.


2. With gerunds


I considered leaving the job.

I regretted his leaving the job.

They decided on leaving.

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Looking in the Eyes of Love

Just a song I used to listen to a lot in 2001-2002…

“Looking in the Eyes of Love”

I wonder should I tell you about all the crazy things that I have done

I’ve been hiding all my life when I should’ve stayed I tried to run

I’ve been searching for an answer

In the world so full of strangers

What I found was never really enough

Now that I found you

Looking in the eyes of love

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Kim Tae Hee and Indonesian Uncreative Ad

This is LG Ice Cream ad with the Korean hottie Kim Tae Hee in the spotlight. To be frank, one of our Indonesian ads imitates the concept… Let the public judge..

An Anthem to A Girl’s (or Anyone’s) Chaotic Life

Sophie does make a good point in "Mixed Up World", that life to a certain extent both rocks and sucks.

It’s one of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s masterpieces, as far as I’m concerned. And I just showed this song lyrics to someone who seemed to be living in the “I” girl’s stormy phase of life.



I’m feeling all messed up
I have a voice inside my head it says turn to the left then it says turn to the right
Don’t want to bring you down
But I am really needing guidance now
What would you do within my shoes
(don’t cry) I’m going crazy
(stay high) I’ve never felt so low
(don’t hide) I want to turn and run
we’ve got to find a place to go

so when you’re feeling kind of mixed up
just remember it’s a mixed up world
and when you’re feeing life is just too tough
just remember you’re a real tough girl

I look around my life
And all I see is contradiction and a lack of faith
Cynicism rules the day
I know it has it’s place
But I am really needing guidance now
Reminding me I’m strong inside

(don’t cry) I know you love me
(stay high) and we’ll make it through this time
(don’t hide) I want to feel the sun
we’ve got to start to take control

(why) do I feel this pain?
(why) has this world gone insane?

Sarah Lacy’s Latest Book on Entrepreneurship and Indonesia

To look a lot cockier, the 'cocky' book should be in red. Blue's too humble. Just saying...

Having read the sneak peek of the book on, Michael Arrington’s review and its 20-page excerpt on Lacy’s blog , my first impression was she’s a natural story teller. She can’t help being a ‘rock star’. Lacy’s got what it takes to

For now, what I can tell to you is I totally AGREE with Arrington on this:

“To try to understand how entrepreneurs are reshaping their worlds in those places, and how America is sometimes being left behind.

What I’ve seen so far in here, Indonesia, is we look on the US as the mecca for entrepreneurs throughout the globe. All the current trends in the US are considered to be the future trends in Indonesia. I might be wrong but that’s what most (not all) entrepreneurs in Indonesia think of the US and its legendary Silicon Valley. That’s why it stunned me to read Arrington’s words, which to me implicitly conveys the idea that entrepreneurship is found almost any where on the planet, not only in North America (in spite of the fact that entrepreneurship thrives at a higher rate and more commonplace there). George Miller, Carl Schramm’s staff I once interviewed, said they Americans are still in search of their ideals. They’re not settled yet.

That’s all I can say for now as I’m still awaiting the book from Amazon next week or next two weeks or I don’t know exactly. But it’s going to be interesting for Indonesian entrepreneurs because Mr. Ciputra, one of the country’s most influential entrepreneurship evangelists is discussed in this very book.

P. S.:

I do look forward to translating her book into Indonesian, considering how invaluable this book is to Indonesian entrepreneurs. Let’s hope! (cross my fingers for this)

So this poor guy fell asleep…

Rough and wild night you had, eh?

So this poor fellow worker fell asleep. “A very rare sight to see, for once in my life time I never saw him fell asleep,” I mumbled by heart. I meant it. This guy is a working machine, so seeing him in such a ‘powerless’ state is like waiting for Halley commet, it comes once in 86 years. If I’d missed this, I would’ve never known when I can see him sleeping like a new-born baby…

No one was around, other than the two of us. I grabbed my camera phone and tiptoed a few meters away to find the best angle. And for fear being caught taking his picture (my camera phone is good except that you can’t mute the shutter sound, which kind of sucks in  ‘golden’ moments like this one) , I gently pressed the button. “Yesss!!!” for utter joy, I leaped. Mission accomplished…

Pronouns: Meanings and Functions

Wayang kulit performance, Museum Wayang, Jakar...
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Pronouns : words that are used in place of a noun (pronoun ialah kata-kata yang digunakan untuk menggantikan kata benda).

Pronouns are divided into 4 types (pronoun dibagi menjadi 4 jenis):

  • Singular subject pronouns: I, you (meaning: “kamu/Anda”), she (e.g. the wife, Sarah, our sister), he (e.g. Andy, your grand father), it (e.g. a street, the song, Indonesia )
  • Plural subject pronouns: we (e.g. you and I, she and I), you (meaning: “kamu/Anda semua”), they (the daughters )

Personal Pronouns
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I’ve Got New Friends

Silly Thing (song)
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I ‘hate’ to say this but I just found two utterly eccentric buddies (or creatures..whatever). They’re neither cute nor posh. But I’m just pretty sure they’re silly enough to laugh at.


The Lad

He’s a total RIOT. No one could hum sing out loud in the crowded street as shamelessly as this guy can. The last time I wanted to sew his mouth, he refused and kept singing as if everyone adored his (in)harmonious voice.

The Lass

She’s got that 6th sense thing called ‘visions’. Always mumbling, “I dreamed of……last night” or “I had a vision before …..”. Don’t get me wrong but visions are not only in business textbooks (one of which I’m currently translating at snail pace now).

It’s a privilige to know you, guys nutty guy and girl…

Sixth Sense is Non Sense

I know two girls who keep asking people (including me) about their dreams. It’s enough! Let the psychics get sick of themselves…

Samsung Wave 525

Blackberry, iOS, Windows, Android, what else? Along comes Bada to  wage a bigger operating systems war….

This Samsung is affordable, simple and (as always) elegant. I can’t complain with this in my grip.

A Self Note: Minimalist Principles and Cell Phone

Android : The rising star

Yes, lately I’m infatuated with minimalism. Every single thing I do seems to be revolving around this. But it’s actually not coming from outside. I adore simplicity since a long time ago and minimalism does answer most problems. Some think it’s about scarcity but to me it’s more about liberation from any things that may bind me.

So I read Leo Babauta‘s “Minimalist Guide”. To me, saying it’s one of  my favorite books is an understatement. I mean it, it’s absolutely cool. It ought to be everyone’s favorite. I simply find every and each word in the book  powerful.

But powerful words and inspiring books are nothing unless readers do something real in their lives. Great books change people’s lives. And that’s what a book or any other writing pieces should do to readers; improving people’s lives quality.

Blackberry, Android, or iOS? Give me Java.

Applying Minimalism to Cell Phones

Speaking of cell phones nowadays, we can’t miss a day without noticing some new models thrown into the global or local markets. Every day we’re bombarded with these Blackberry, Android, Badda, iPhone, Windows Mobile handsets ads.

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Subject-Verb Agreement

Simple rule to remember: "A singular subject needs a singular verb, a plural subject needs a plural verb."


A subject is a person, a place,or a thing that performs an action in a sentence. It usually comes first. For example, Bill acts as the subject in ‘Bill goes to the convention’.


A verb is an action word. It includes the words : is, am , are (present), was, were (past).

Singular subjects

Singular means just one. The examples of singular subjects are:

  • The classroom
  • The English novel
  • Everybody
  • One of the students

Singular subjects always take singular verbs. Singular verbs often end in ‘-s’ (in present tense). Some examples of singular subjects are:

  • The verb ‘is’ in ‘The classroom is overloaded.
  • The verb ‘belongs’ in ‘The English novel belongs to him.’
  • The verb ‘likes’ in ‘Everybody likes ice cream‘.
  • The verb ‘is’ ‘One of the students is absent‘.

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