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Verb as Complement

What is a verb complement? A verb complement is the arrangement of one verb as the object of another verb. This happens 4 ways in English: 1. With infinitives Examples: I asked her to leave. I wanted to leave. I helped him … Continue reading

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Looking in the Eyes of Love

Just a song I used to listen to a lot in 2001-2002… “Looking in the Eyes of Love” I wonder should I tell you about all the crazy things that I have done I’ve been hiding all my life when … Continue reading

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Kim Tae Hee and Indonesian Uncreative Ad

This is LG Ice Cream ad with the Korean hottie Kim Tae Hee in the spotlight. To be frank, one of our Indonesian ads imitates the concept… Let the public judge..

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An Anthem to A Girl’s (or Anyone’s) Chaotic Life

It’s one of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s masterpieces, as far as I’m concerned. And I just showed this song lyrics to someone who seemed to be living in the “I” girl’s stormy phase of life.   MIXED UP WORLD I’m feeling … Continue reading

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Sarah Lacy’s Latest Book on Entrepreneurship and Indonesia

Having read the sneak peek of the book on, Michael Arrington’s review and its 20-page excerpt on Lacy’s blog , my first impression was she’s a natural story teller. She can’t help being a ‘rock star’. Lacy’s got what it … Continue reading

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So this poor guy fell asleep…

So this poor fellow worker fell asleep. “A very rare sight to see, for once in my life time I never saw him fell asleep,” I mumbled by heart. I meant it. This guy is a working machine, so seeing … Continue reading

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Pronouns: Meanings and Functions

Pronouns : words that are used in place of a noun (pronoun ialah kata-kata yang digunakan untuk menggantikan kata benda). Pronouns are divided into 4 types (pronoun dibagi menjadi 4 jenis): Singular subject pronouns: I, you (meaning: “kamu/Anda”), she (e.g. … Continue reading

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I’ve Got New Friends

I ‘hate’ to say this but I just found two utterly eccentric buddies (or creatures..whatever). They’re neither cute nor posh. But I’m just pretty sure they’re silly enough to laugh at.   The Lad He’s a total RIOT. No one … Continue reading

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Sixth Sense is Non Sense

I know two girls who keep asking people (including me) about their dreams. It’s enough! Let the psychics get sick of themselves…

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Samsung Wave 525

Blackberry, iOS, Windows, Android, what else? Along comes Bada to  wage a bigger operating systems war…. This Samsung is affordable, simple and (as always) elegant. I can’t complain with this in my grip.

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A Self Note: Minimalist Principles and Cell Phone

Yes, lately I’m infatuated with minimalism. Every single thing I do seems to be revolving around this. But it’s actually not coming from outside. I adore simplicity since a long time ago and minimalism does answer most problems. Some think … Continue reading

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Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject A subject is a person, a place,or a thing that performs an action in a sentence. It usually comes first. For example, Bill acts as the subject in ‘Bill goes to the convention’. Verb A verb is an action … Continue reading

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