Report: Your Looks May Determine Your Salary (A Free Essay on Metrosexual)

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An average Indonesian male only wears makeup in several REALLY REALLY special occasions throughout his life (like his own marriage) but what if he grooms himself on a daily basis? But if it makes you're worshipped like Mr. Bieber, would you change your mind? (Image via Wikipedia)

Let’s get physical. It’s terribly serious, guys. The news could sound like the end of hope for less physically attractive males, but you’d better know than sorry. A report conducted by  the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis concluded: “Our looks MAY play an important role in our career, our salary”.

Male makeup can be the future trend. In the near future, it might be quite acceptable to see males with lip balm in their pockets, or a bottle of lotion to moist their dry hands and feet. Or even worse, foundation and face powder.

I’d say that’s what I see in our cosmetics counter these days around me. And this might be because of the fact that a man’s performance is increasingly assessed by his looks. You can see almost every brand has their male version. Look at Nivea, Garnier, Vaseline. I’m not going further to detail the ‘grooming necessities’ like lipstick, powder, mascara, brow gel…(Geez, that sounds really emasculating but I don’t know in South Korea). But here in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, there’re more and more Indonesian males willingly buying these products IN PUBLIC  (for instance facial foam, body lotion, face moisturizer, body wash, etc). And what is more shocking is the fact that each brand has their whitening products. It seems that Indonesian males start to change their mind. The masculine-is-sunburned assumption is shifting to the be-fairer-and-stay-manly dogma.

Years ago, I started to put some lotion on my skin after bath. It felt dry and itchy so lotion helped it supple and moist. But my dad thought I was being insanely effeminate. He told me to stop putting on  but I didn’t. And now I can look a tall young man with bulging shoulders who looks like a gym rat shamelessly buying lotion in a convenient store for the rest of the world to see. What makes us different? I didn’t buy  lotion with “FOR MEN” on its packing but he did. Unfair? You can tell…

In the US, according to Forbes, men’s makeup is on the rise. The American males spent US$ 4.8 million in 2011 alone for the grooming budget. It indicates 7-percent leap from 2010. Compared to 2001, that’s 42% increase. It doesn’t stop there. The Vice President of a US consulting business even leaked, ” Some folks at Wall Street wear makeup recently”. Oh , please don’t blame it on Adam Lambert or teenaged girls’ sweetheart Justin Bieber. So Indonesia is not alone. Phewww…But I still doubt that the majority of male workers at Indonesian Stock Exchange would even think of their dry skin due to prolonged exposure to air conditioner.

Ah, how what about South Korea, a land known for its ultra cute boys? “4VOO”, a well-known makeup brand for men that was founded in 2005, has gained fame in Korea. It provides products designed to help guys look flawless, like exfoliation scrubs, oil-absorbent powders and blemish concealers.

It’s no wonder that men are turning to makeup since studies suggest that the better they look, the more they get paid. According to a report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (as I’ve stated earlier), people with above-average looks tend to earn 4 percent more than average-looking people. And people with below-average looks tend to earn 9 percent less than average-looking people. With figures like these, don’t be surprised if you start seeing men on the subway putting on their makeup.

How about Indonesia? To see such phenomenon in the country is , to me, merely a matter of time. And how about yourself? If you’re a female, do you think it’s quite OK for your boyfriend or spouse to follow the metrosexual trend? If you’re a male, to which extent is it for a man to be called too far in this grooming trend? Will you choose to take care of your looks better when you know you can get higher salary by looking better than your shabby male coworkers? Have your say here.

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