Why It is OK to Publish a Blog with Unrelated Various Contents

It has been a long, winding and rocky road for me to launch this blog. I built myself a blog years ago on akhlispurnomo.com but ‘abandoned’ it later on. Not because I changed my mind about how cool blogging has become but more because I could not pay the domain fee with my PayPal account. It was restricted. And did I tell PayPall I had printed dozens of business cards with the very domain on them? Perfect.

So I had no choice but to blog on the free domain provided by wordpress.com. It also took me a couple of months to apply for a credit card and to get approved of by the bank of my choice.

So today is the day.

And I would say the notion of blogging with one certain topic only is kind of hackneyed. I know it works for some people but doesnt for me.

How so? Because I blog for myself. I am an individual with lots of facets, personalities. Hence I want people to know my colorful life here. Maybe I can profit one day from this blog but that is not the main priority. I want people to get to know me closer and if they just want to know me without doing business with me, that would also be ok. Why not?

In the meantime, enjoy whatever you can enjoy here as that is what matters most: To blog to enrich life and entertain readers.


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  1. I don’t think that the content anyone’s blog should be limited by too many rules or social conventions. Enjoy yourself and write about whatever comes to mind. The important think is to express yourself and have a good time doing it.

    1. akhlisblog says:

      Exactly my point! Thanks for leaving a nice comment here. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. android says:

    I switched from iPhone to android, and I can promise you, I’ll never go back. There are so many apps and its extremely customizable. Love it :

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