When a Blogger Dies…

When a blogger dies, what will happen to his or her blog then? Will someone or a flock of visitors still read it? Chances are so, as long as it is not taken down by its domain and hosting service provider. And I imagine that a blog – a properly maintained one with quality content – may be  or should be one of the legacies a blogger can pass on to his or her offspring. If so, I can safely advise that every and each blogger must keep a record or note containing his blogs’ passwords and even better, all the social media accounts passwords s/he uses now to spread the content out to the virtual universe.
But how about unfinished blog posts and how about posts that are kept private in a blog (if any)? Isn’t that private and thus isn’t allowed to be shown to everyone else? Maybe we do not have to really go into that because seriously.. Why should a deceased blogger be bothered with that act of privacy violation?

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2 responses to “When a Blogger Dies…”

  1. I bet soon someone will develop an app for dead bloggers to keep blogging from another world 😛

    1. Oww. That’s too scary, Marc!

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