Be True to Yourselves, Writers!

Like Paulo Coelho said, writers work like a stripper doing the performance in crowded town square. But instead of removing the clothes in public for visual pleasure of the viewers, writers are stripping layers of their own personalities, private lives details that even their parents and siblings never found out, heard or knew of.
To tell you the truth, I have misunderstood this profession. I once thought that to be an author, one doesn’t have to meet people a lot, talk in public, go out often. But once I studied ways to write better, I learned the hard way that to become a good writer, one needs to speak up, conduct interviews, meet many people, talk to promote and discuss about his works. All these were absolutely beyond my imagination. The image of an introverted writer vanished just like that. Suddenly I have to learn how to speak, to debate, argue, rebutt, recount, etc.
And then on telling the truth about himself and other things,that is also not on my plan of being a writer. Who wants to tell people about how I live my life or even some little part of it or some clues about my belief, mindset, preference, anxiety, anger, hatred which I otherwise wish to conceal? But once I want to write, I realize this is just not a fad. I know I want to write since forever and would convince myself no matter what to risk anything to achieve this: being a dedicated writer for the rest of my life.

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