So I’m Certified Now. What’s Next?


Being a yoga teacher has never been this hard. You are, to a certain extent, expected to be an asana junkie who masters all those poses in Yoga Bible and Light on Yoga, be a psychic who comprehends spiritualism, be a sage who knows philosophy, ethics and morals well, be a saint who is ready to be idolized and worshipped without losing your humility, be a public speaker whose charisma is unbeatably inspiring, be a physician who can tell what happens with your students’ body when they’re injured or in pain and heal them no matter what because they trust you a little bit too much, be a marketer who keeps promoting yourself and your skills because nobody else would do it for you for literally free, be a manager who jots down and strategically arrange all your own teaching materials and schedules, and be officially certified to obtain international acknowledgment.

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