#icebucketchallenge: Why?

Yesterday it was uber tech blogger Sarah Lacy whom I saw on YouTube accepting this ice bucket challenge from the bearded LinkedIn executive Jeff Weiner. Her colleague Paul Carr and her toddler son Eli was spotted helping her throwing the chilly water right on her top of head in the middle of the day, when the summer sun was shining at its highest brightness.

The other day I happened to read news on singer hot female performer Beyonce Knowles who accepted the challenge from someone else.

However, still I don’t get, why do these people do such a silly thing? Oh ok… I might not ask about it as well. It’s their prerogative to have a little FUN.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

One thought on “#icebucketchallenge: Why?”

  1. Konon ada yang inisiasi untuk raising awareness tentang sebuah penyakit (temennya sakit itu) dan si teman sekarang sudah meninggal.

    Kalau di Irlandia mereka nggak cuma melakukan itu tapi juga nyumbang. Aku perhatiin kalau di Irlandia ada tantangan2 (no make up photo, ice bucket) mereka selalu donasi. Jadi nggak cuma fun aja. Beda ya sama di Indonesia?

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