Beer and Bean

You know what sucks most when you look way too young for your age? You need to show the rest of the world your identity card before getting your night booze.

But when you ‎look older than your age, no one pretty cares about what you would buy at a minimarket. As long as you can pay, they’ll sell you stuff you don’t even think you need a nanosecond before they shout,”Try our fruits instead, sir!”

Beer and mung bean‎ can’t be consumed by one same person. An adult is expected to drink a can of beer. It means you’re entitled to being a rebel responsible for your own deeds. Good or bad, it’s all on your shoulders. Societies will understand. So long as no one gets murdered as you leave the border of sobriety, you won’t violate laws.

Meanwhile, a teenage ought to prefer the mung bean beverage. It’s safer for the health of youthful bodies and for the betterment of the nation. Everyone thinks your future will be bleak when they find out you’re drunk at an open space. You’re forgiven or excused if you get drunk stealthily. It’s juvenile delinquency which only happens temporarily. Never do they know it usually perpetuates till the old age.

But I’m an adult who is never expected to drink any form and type of booze. I look too young and feel too immature and too irresponsible to be even called ‎a fully mature man.

But don’t you know how much I want to try drinking booze? No, you shouldn’t. Because I just want to tell you‎ truths I can’t tell when I’m sober. And it’s way safer to tell bitter truth when you’re drunk. No one will notice anyway. They don’t know whether you’re rambling like a liar or telling cold truths you must hide forever. Maybe things are getting worse or…not. Perhaps it gets solved in an unexpected manner. Heaven knows.

Mung bean can’t do that.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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