Ahok, “The Mad Man” of Jakarta, Tells Us More about His Views on Entrepreneurship and Jakarta (1)

ahokBasuki Tjahaja Purnama – the complete name of Ahok – never tries to please everyone. Especially those haters. The relatively young, amazingly blatant and straight-to-the point leader of Jakarta seems to be undismayed even by the agressiveness of Front Pembela Islam (FPI). But he has really strong reasons to support what he does now as the man in charge of the capital.

In front of the youthful audience of Global Entrepreneurship Week Summit Indonesia yesterday (21/11), Ahok stunned us, again. He mentioned several STRONG words that any other public officials are likely to say, even when they’re most aggravated in public. Truly, he sets a new trend of how someone should work as a public official. You can’t be as lazy and sluggish as a donkey and just work as usual.

During his 40-ish minute speech, Ahok told us his insights about just everything. From his interest in entrepreneurship to the recently launched BPJS program. His extent of knowledge might amaze you all.

The current era is very much different from the industrialization era, he said. These days, a nation’s comparative strength lies on its creativity. This proves to be the issue for Indonesia.

“With the plurality of this nation, we may generate more creativity,”Ahok remarked. Indonesia is hugely remarkable in terms and if you see any other nations seem so amazing when it comes to ideas and products, you’re wrong. Indonesia can do it much better. Only if we want to do better with our potentials though.

(To be continued)

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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