Pandemic Diary: No ‘Mudik’, No Cry

How much is our life disrupted by the pandemic?

I guess we can measure this scale of ‘destruction’ (or disruption?) by observing how much we have to change our habits as humans.

So again, this year we have to succumb to the virus.

‘Mudik’, a kind of Thanksgiving commute for the Americans, in Indonesia is also once again postponed. Or cancelled, which means it’ll be deleted from the yearly agenda.

I knew from the very beginning that this would just happen again.

But what annoyed me is that the government seems to be too slow to make a decision.

They were still indecisive about it several weeks ago when this discourse came up to the public.

And the sluggish progress of vaccination program definitely becomes one of the triggers.

Tears have dried up.

Angst has been exhausted.

It’s funny how I reacted to the cancellation.

I just sighed.

Relief? Or complete surrender?

Of course, (sh)it happens.

(Sh)it after (sh)it…

Relentlessly hammering my sanity but chill, you’ll survive, pandemic survivors!

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