Spread Too Thin

I’ve been asked about the podcast I initiated last year when the pandemic started to hit.

I just ditched the idea of podcasting since I’m not a speaker type of content maker.

I’m a texter. I love to text and type.

Speaking is not my domain and comfort area.

I can but I don’t feel extraordinary.

I also contacted a friend this morning to speak more about an opportunity of collaboration to build a blog together with him.

I know a niche that needs this knowledge and experience but I just didn’t have the right tools and partner.

I absolutely feel incapable of running this all alone. It’ll drive me crazy in just several months.

Together, I hope we can build stamina together.

We own the idea together and own the success or failure together.

Sharing risk is so important because my resource is also limited.

Of course I have many ideas to explore and materialize but I just can’t if I do it on my own.

Even if that’s my passion project.

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