This is Not a Treachery!


This just in. I just got myself a BlackBerry fortnight ago. After all these years of strong resistance, I know…
And my coworkers thought that was a mindblowing piece of news. I never thought I would embrace this so-called rotten conventional (RIM networks suck lately here despite huge number of users in the country) thing because mainly I was thought of as a BlackBerry hater.
I do hate BB only if it is used as a tool of sheer pleasure. So I have my own reason for this. Productivity, that is it. Though my Android worshipping coworkers think I am a traitor, I have my own reason, which I am pretty sure they won’t listen.
First of all, the qwerty keyboard is one of the best. It is not like I did not try other products but I did try typing on LG and Samsung qwerty phone but still my BlackBerry Curve works best when it comes to lots of typing job on the go. I tried first hand the Samsung Galaxy Chat but they keypad is not that comfortable to type on. No ample space between the buttons. Such a pain in the *ss! I can type much faster on the BB.
Secondly, I love how it enables me to write anywhere anytime even in a moving train or car. I am now typing on BB and the best thing I can find here is the blogging app: WordPress. One more favorite app is Documents to Go. I don’t have to kill myself while typing on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ touch screen. The display is big enough but virtual keyboard is still virtual one. I can type my articles on the BB and easily send them to my email and copy and paste it my laptop to work on later. Isn’t that wonderful?
Thirdly, typing a lengthy email, news articles and/or a long essay would be totally fine on Blackberry. Maybe I can write drafts of books to publish later here. Well, who knows? You will never know what and how and when and where ideas come along. Get ready always to capture them!
I love this useful and awesome handset as a writing tool, not as a social media (BlackBerry Messenger) avid user. So that is really not my priority even.
So why do you have to hate one of the two if you can have the best of two worlds: Android and BlackBerry?I am eclectic and I guess brand fanaticism is groundless.
Next time, Apple product anyone?

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  1. Ailtje says:

    Ga pernah beli BB, selalu dikasih. Sampai akhirnya eneg sendiri lihat makluk berisik yang suka hang ini. Bidding farewell deh!

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