Pandemic Diary: Indonesia Is in a Mess

Just a thoughtless young man with a sickening attitude and miserable discipline. Yuck!

The best thing about living in Indonesia is the amount of freedom you can have. Do whatever you want, as long as you don’t get noticed by the law enforcement, you’ll be fine.

You are so free because the government has too many affairs to handle, too. They work inefficiently and slowly and pathetically.

But this freedom is also the factor that allows coronavirus to spread massively and uncontrollably here.

It is certainly more about education and mindset.

You can see the above photo where a young man sits with his foot on the seat. Disgusting and impolite.

On top of that, he drops the mask down in a couch where other people are around.

This kind of shitty people are just so easy to find. Some are just afraid of security officers so they put on masks and act politely. But some others don’t even bother.

Sometimes I want to speak up and make them obey. But I feel too tired to take care of other people. (*/)

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