Indonesia Technopreneur Community: Bridging is the Key

Startup Weekend: Where it takes only 54 hours to launch a new business!

Indonesia keeps great deal of potential. Great ideas are scattered just everywhere. Smart brilliant youths are not difficult to find. Not to mention the overly hyped natural resources potential. But one thing holds the nation back. We (excuse my diction, peeps!) do suck when it particularly comes to coordinating.

I thus far have attended several great entrepreneurial events like seminars, pitchings, meetups, and so forth but as far as I’m concerned there’s no apparent, real, mutual interest and vision that unite Indonesian entrepreneurs. In other words, these people are walking towards the same destination but they prefer different paths. It’s quite obvious when I found some people from BPPT (Badan Penerapan dan Pengembangan Teknologi? Gosh, too many acronyms and abbreviations in this country) and #StartupLokal community weren’t aware of each other’s presence and existence. And it made me wonder why. The two groups share the same interest, i.e. entrepreneurship, so why didn’t they walk hand in hand? So I arrive to the conclusion that entrepreneurs in Indonesia badly need bridging, consolidating within themselves. The bureaucrat and the grass-root entrepreneurs should go hand in hand.

But certainly things are getting better now. Indonesia Technopreneur Community (ITC), founded and initiated by Nico Budianto, tries to bridge this. He stated in front of the Startup Weekend that the community aims to collaborate with more and more entrepreneurial groups out there. To show that Mr. Budianto meant his words, ITC is currently being actively engaged in events like Startup Weekend along with numerous parties like Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center, Kauffman Foundation, British Council, Investidea, etc.

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